Are You Interesting at Parties?

are you interesting at parties

Have you heard the snappy tune “100 Bad Days” by AJR?

If not, then maybe you should get yourself a 10-year-old girl that makes sure you have the hook up to the “cool kids” music! 😉

Regardless, I’m a fan of this song… not only because of its rockin’ sound, but the lyrics actually make me think that the artist was an online coach at one point.

Check out these lyrics:

“I wrote a song that no one knows
I played a show and no one showed
Oh my God, I felt so alone, lucky me
When all is going wrong and you’re scared as hell
What you gonna do? Who you gonna tell?
Maybe a hundred bad days made a hundred good stories
A hundred good stories make me interesting at parties.”

Every time I hear this song (and I hear it a lot because my kids are serial song repeaters), I can’t help but see myself and my clients in the lyrics.

I’ve got clients on their 20th launch and looking to scale faster.

They’ve been through a ton of crap before they got to a place where their coaching business was screamin’ along. They’ve gathered their stories together, and during each launch, they utilize the power of storytelling to help their prospects understand the potency of what they are selling.

The most powerful stories they tell are times they personally “felt so alone and were scared as hell.”

These are the most effective stories because their prospects can see themselves in the coach and find hope and solace that the coach has a solution to their problem.

Other clients of mine are on their FIRST launch where they are just building up their audience.

I’m quite certain they can resonate with the lyric I “played a show and no one showed.”

The wild part is that every single person that runs a successful coaching business will have marketing campaigns fail, ideas die, and launches that totally suck.

You will feel discouraged. You will want to give up.

BUT know this…

Even if you’re in that not-so-fun place right now and no one is showing up, it’s all part of your story that will help you connect with your audience in the future.

Keep showing up.

Keep following the process.

Keep remembering that you are creating a story that will make you interesting at parties AND more effective during launches.