It’s always a good day for fishing…for customers

My dad and I both love to fish, but while my Dad dreams of landing a huge trout, I’m interested in reeling in something much more valuable, a customer! There is a very effective way of making sure I always have plenty on the line, retargeting. What is retargeting, and how can it help you catch the big one?

Fishing for customers

Retargeting is the process of showing ads to users who have already been to your site. This allows you to bait your hook and cast your line to the customers who are hungry enough to be swimming around your boat.

The steps to retarget read a lot like a Fishing 101 manual:

1. Bait your hook. When a person visits your site, retargeting will place a small piece of code on that persons computer. Don’t worry, sites do this all of the time, you aren’t dong anything malicious.

2. Cast your line. While that user is surfing the web, certain sites will be show an ad for your company.

3. Wait. It takes time for customers to view and be interested in one of your retargeting ads, but when it happens, they will happily come swimming back.

4. Reel it in. Now that you have your customer hooked, have them land on a very specific page that addresses exactly what the targeted ad was selling.

Facebook has excellent tools for retargeting, but there are a ton of retargeting providers that will allow you to show your ads in Google and all over the web. So, as my Dad always says, “it’s always a good day for fishing!” Grab your tackle-box and let’s go catch some new customers.

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