A Delightful Story Sandwich

a delightful story

Here I am in 1980-something, washing dishes at Grandma Anderson’s house.

Wanna know what’s blaring outta that old radio built into the wall?

That’d be the most listened-to voice in America, Paul Harvey.

Each weekday that I’d be there for a visit, Grandma and Grandpa would carefully watch the old fashioned schoolhouse clock that hung above the kitchen table. At precisely 11:30, Grandma would assign us busy work so we’d be quiet while she and Grandpa busted out some Paul.

I remember, even as a kid, being wrapped up in one of the stories he told. I’ve been taking a course on improving my storytelling skills because honestly, that is the BEST way to reach your prospects!

Stories that are personal and emotionally compelling engage more of the brain and, thus, are better remembered and felt MORE than simply stating a set of facts.

The next time you post on social, write an email, or walk prospects through a principle they need to understand to achieve results… encase the lesson in a delightful story sandwich. Trust me: your prospects will devour, understand, and retain the information so much better!

So take a note to sharpen your storytelling skills and, as Paul Harvey would say, “Good Day!”