45 Powerful Books to Read in 2022

45 Powerful Books to Read in 2022

45 powerful books to read in 2022. Reading is perhaps our most indispensable gift—not only does it keep our minds sharp and focused, but it’s also our greatest resource for absorbing information. The power of learning is what pushes us, elevates us, and enables us to achieve our dreams, both personally and professionally. Thankfully, there are countless books from which to draw an immeasurable wealth of inspiration, joy, confidence, and knowledge.

I’ve gathered 45 powerful books for you today. They cover a wide range of topics, from dealing with your business ventures to finding a happy balance in your life that you’ve been looking for. It may be a lot from which to choose, but the information you’ll gain from any one of these powerful books is invaluable. Here are 45 Powerful Books to Read in 2022!


45 Powerful Books to Read in 2022

1: Changing Tides: Powerful Strategies for Female Founders

Changing Tides

Get the latest from Jennifer S. LeBlanc: Women receive 2% of venture funding and make up 9% of VC partners, yet research shows that companies with female leaders and board members outperform all-male companies. Changing Tides brings together experienced female venture capitalists, entrepreneurs and thought leaders who share their expertise and tactical guidance through a collection of essays. This book is intended as a resource for anyone wanting to win—or support a woman to win—at the heavily stacked entrepreneur and funding game.


2: Selling in a Skirt: The Secrets Women Don’t Know They Know about Sales

Selling in a Skirt

Are you a sales professional stuck in a rut? Are you a sales manager trying to direct women to your company?

In Selling In a Skirt, Judy Hoberman offers invaluable and proven insights into how gender differences can affect sales outcomes, and the tools and strategies to drive real results in today’s marketplace. Judy offers a suite of workshops, seminars and coaching programs that compliment her highly successful book. Her 30 years in sales has given her both the knowledge and sense of humor about the gender differences that we should all understand and embrace instead of feeling unable to communicate. Judy’s humorous stories about how men and women sell, manage, recruit and supervise differently will enlighten you in learning how both genders can support each other’s successes in a more productive way. Find out more by visiting her website.

3: Rocking Your Role: The ‘How To’ Guide to Success for Female Breadwinners

Rocking Your Role

Rocking Your Role goes beneath the surface of what it means to be a female breadwinner and drags women kicking and screaming out of the closet. Why? Because being the female breadwinner can fundamentally challenge a woman’s identity. It is the trigger, catalyst, and cause for many complex issues that women have to manage. For a successful family life and career, women must address and examine these internal challenges for their physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Follow Jenny Garrett’s guide to find out where your “guilt button” is (and who’s pressing it), what you love about being a breadwinner that you were afraid to admit, how you tackle the thorny subject of money, and how to cure yourself of “Superwoman Syndrome.”


4: 5 Habits of Ridiculously Successful Women (Rock Your Moxie: Power Moves for Women Leading the Way)

5 Habits of Ridiculously Successful Women

5 Habits of Ridiculously Successful Women is a book about how to stop dreaming and start taking action. In the fifth and final book in the “Rock Your Moxie: Power Moves for Women Leading the Way” series, 5 Habits outlines the habits and practices that high-achieving women have in common for executing and delivering results on their goals and plans. Author and The Moxie Exchange Movement founder Maureen Berkner Boyt, shares stories and insights from her years of interviewing and interacting with women who are at the top of their game, yet still want more. 5 Habits show readers everything from planning ahead 4-5 years in the future to completing your day-to-day tasks. This practical, powerful book sheds light on how powerful women have habitualized their success, and how you can, too!


5: Breaking the Glass Ceiling – Influential Women in Business: 8 of America’s Leading Women in Their Communities Share Their Stories, Experiences, and Insights

Breaking the Glass Ceiling

Throughout history, women have been shut out of the world of business—the women you meet in Breaking the Glass Ceiling overcame that inequity. As you will see, the women in this book have many talents but the one thing they share in common is having the guts, the grit, and the willingness to gamble their limited financial resources for a chance to bet against the odds and in favor of their own capabilities. The inspirational stories, lessons, and advice in this book can help you maximize your attitude, your time, your money, your skills, and your unique talents. Through their stories, you will be inspired to overcome your own odds and turn whatever cards you have been dealt into a winning hand. Use this book to begin or enrich your library of inspirational stories about amazing women who refused to “fold” but decided to go “all in” and take the business world by storm.


6: Secrets of Successful Negotiating for Women: From Landing a Big Account to Buying the Car of Your Dreams and Everything in Between

Secrets of Successful Negotiating for Women

Negotiations are challenging for some women—they feel nervous about asking for a better deal or perhaps intimidated by the salesperson. Every woman can benefit by learning the practical, clear and easy techniques & philosophies contained in this surprisingly entertaining book.

Author Wendy Keller writes, speaks, and consults on business topics including brand building, publishing, speaking, platform building and marketing (a book, a speech, a product or a service). Keller Media trains people to become (more) successful authors, speakers, and entrepreneurs.


7: The Wow Factor: The 33 Things You Must (and Must Not) Do to Guarantee Your Edge in Today’s Business World

The Wow Factor

In today’s volatile business world, success requires an edge–a factor that sets you apart from the crowd. Corporate coach Frances Cole Jones understands that challenging times demand immediate solutions, and The Wow Factor provides vital information that will help you rise to the top—fast.

Through critical, perfectly timed advice, amusing anecdotes, and proven strategies, Frances Cole Jones gives you the tools you need—daring, fluidity, and mental strength—to stay afloat in a sink-or-swim environment. The Wow Factor will help you ensure that your ideas and skills remain both timely and timeless so that you’ll have the confidence to wow everyone, every time.


8: The Virtuous Business Woman: Inspired by Proverbs 31

The Virtuous Business Woman

Proverbs 31 isn’t just for marriages, the family, and the home. In The Virtuous Business Woman: Inspired by Proverbs 31, you will learn and understand how using the principles found in this popular passage can help you to not only create but also to run a truly God-honoring business while experiencing personal growth. This is a challenge to take a step back and truly examine yourself! Are you taking the steps necessary to be a Virtuous Business Woman? Tammie T. Polk is ready to help you find out.


9: Money Confidence: Really Smart Financial Moves for Newly Single Women

Money Confidence

The loss of a spouse or partner is traumatic and having to deal with money issues can be challenging. To rebuild your life, you need to get a grip on your finances as quickly as possible. That means figuring out your sources of income, devising a budget, and much more.

Money Confidence provides practical, can-do advice that covers the gamut from creating a budget that works to investing, where to turn for financial advice, and estate planning. In addition, it will include a short tutorial on Kerry Hannon’s 3-part financial fitness plan: How to get financially, physically, and spiritually fit. These three steps are at the core of building a rich, independent life. This book should be viewed as a survival kit to help you protect the assets you have, pay the bills, organize your income, and help you navigate the grief with positive action steps through difficult transitions.


10: Purposetivity: The Feminine Face of Productivity for Time, Team & Tech


Having a hard time adapting to those “proven systems” for productivity? If you’re a right-brain or heart-centered entrepreneur, it may not be your fault! Those systems were developed during the Industrial Revolution to make people produce like robots—consistent, predictable, controllable. Since you’re not looking to grind out the same widget day after day, let’s completely shift your relationship with time. Rather than see time as the enemy that limits us in its linear existence, recognize that for the creative, time is the inner experience of our moment to moment the quality of flow, the medium for our journey and contribution. Purposetivity is a set of perspectives to look at and align your soul’s intention, heart’s desire, head’s plans, and hands’ work. When every action you take is sourced in something deeper and every tool you use supports your unique expression, you’re free to succeed on your own terms! Enjoy your journey with Karen Joy Fritz!

11: The Pregnant Entrepreneur

The Pregnant Entrepreneur

The Pregnant Entrepreneur is the essential how-to guide for combining pregnancy with running or starting your own business. Although many books for new moms discuss going back to work in a corporation, and just as many covers staying home for those who choose that option, there were no books offering advice to entrepreneurs who become pregnant…until now. From cribs to cash flow, from style to staffing, from maternity leave to marketing plans, this book offers encouragement and practical advice for succeeding as a pregnant entrepreneur. Inside is a wealth of strategies for balancing small business and family life, including tips on building a support team, financing maternity leave, and a one-page business plan for busy moms-to-be.

Darla DeMorrow’s award-winning business and blog, HeartWork Organizing, helps people lead more peaceful and beautiful lives. She’s been a leader in business for over 25 years, is an international speaker, and a member of NAPO.net, RESA, and APPO.org. She is a trainer for industry groups, and she was quoted by international media over 35 times in 2018 alone.


12: Your Boss Is Not Your Mother: Eight Steps to Eliminating Office Drama and Creating Positive Relationships at Work

Your Boss Is Not Your Mother

Your Boss is Not Your Mother is an essential new guide to uprooting and solving the underlying problems that cause office drama with positive guidance for improving workplace relationships. Most people who are unhappy at work attribute it to their relationships with coworkers. By continually getting sucked into workplace drama, they’re usually replicating problems they had with parents, siblings, or others in childhood. Dr. Debra Mandel attacks these workplace problems at the roots. Using real-life stories and anecdotes, she demonstrates how to respond to people in the workplace with a clear head. This warm and insightful guide is full of interactive features—self-tests, exercises and checklists—designed to help you explore and assess your workplace interactions, let go of negative influences and take charge of your work life.


13: Pursuit of Passionate Purpose: Success Strategies for a Rewarding Personal and Business Life

Pursuit of Passionate Purpose

In Pursuit of Passionate Purpose, self-help guru Theresa Szczurek reveals that the real key to a successful and happy life is in knowing what it is that you truly desire and pursuing it with determination. Based on the everyday wisdom of eighty successful people from all walks of life, along with the practical strategies she used to pursue her own passion, Szczurek presents a proven, step-by-step plan for effectively pursuing whatever your passionate purpose is. By emulating the six strategies/characteristics that almost all truly successful people share, you’ll discover who you really are, what you really want from life, and how to achieve it.


14: Happy at Work, Happy at Home: The Girl’s Guide to Being a Working Mom

Happy at Work, Happy at Home

Caitlin Friedman and Kimberly Yorio have helped readers find their dream jobs, be a boss without being bitchy, and even start companies of their own. But what happens when a career girl becomes a mom and her world turns upside down? Can you maintain your ambition and momentum at work while still being the kind of parent you want to be?

Of course, you can! In Happy at Work, Happy at Home, Caitlin and Kim guide readers through every step on the road to having it all, offering detailed, practical advice in their trademark style. Working mothers themselves, these authors know what it means to juggle the demands of office and home, and they’re here to help the rest of us. From first breaking the news that you’re pregnant, to make the most of your maternity leave, to getting the help you need from your partner and childcare professionals, this book is a must-have resource for a whole generation of working women who aspire to keep their careers on track and their home life running smoothly—without losing their minds.


15: Style Your Mind For Success

Style Your Mind For Success

Envision yourself, completely aligned with the businesswoman you know you’re meant to be: Thinking like her, dressing like her, creating like her, earning income like her, attracting dream opportunities like her. Imagine reclaiming your time, owning your day, and truly, finally, stepping into your power as a successful entrepreneur. As a certified master life coach and bestselling personal development author, Cara Alwill Leyba knows one thing to be true: Your business will only thrive if you do. This robust, detailed workbook includes her personal custom exercises, strategies, affirmations, and proven processes to gain clarity and confidence in business. It’s packed with expert-level tools to raise your vibration, release negative thought patterns, and program your mind for success. If you’re ready to put those concepts into action to see real results in your life and your business, Style Your Mind for Success is for you.


16: Dirty Little Secrets of Family Business: Ensuring Success from One Generation to the Next

Dirty Little Secrets of Family Business

If approximately 70 percent of all businesses are family businesses, and two out of three don’t survive to the next generation, what can you do to make sure your business will survive and thrive? Dirty Little Secrets of Family Business comes clean with much-needed info on nitty-gritty issues such as entitlement; letting employees (even family members) go when they just aren’t working out; compensation; including your kids in the business; shareholder agreements; selecting the next leader; deciding whether to keep the business or sell it; exit strategies for outgoing leaders; money matters; succession planning; communication; conflict resolution; establishing an effective board; and transitioning to the next generation. Readers can apply numerous ideas and tips in this engaging guide to address any family business situation.

Acknowledging that every family is unique and a cookie-cutter approach is not the answer, experienced family business consultant Henry Hutcheson presents a deeper look at the underlying mechanics of what makes a family business work.


17: Wire Your Brain for Confidence: The Science of Conquering Self-Doubt

Wire Your Brain for Confidence

In this approachable and game-changing guide to building your situation-specific confidence, positive psychology expert Louisa Jewell shows that adopting a resilient mindset will enable thrive both at home and in the workplace. Jewell has deep knowledge of the science of the good life, honed through years of study and practice, and here she presents only the most effective and proven techniques for increasing your grit and confidence. Through stories, reflection questions, and exercises, she will guide you from fear to courage, and give you the ability to accomplish the goals that seemed impossible. Wire Your Brain for Confidence will put you on the fast track to flourishing in every area of your life.


18: Rock Your Feminine Type To Rock Your Business: Discover Your Unique Feminine Power With The Feminine Type Success System

Rock Your Feminine Type To Rock Your Business

Which Feminine Type are you? YOU are the greatest asset in your business! The more you understand yourself, the more successful you can be. Rock Your Feminine Type To Rock Your Business takes you on a journey of self-discovery through The Feminine Type Success System where you will learn how to bank on your strengths and bust through your blind spots by uncovering your Feminine Type. Filled with savvy insights and spunky humor, you will get your own custom prescription for success. If you are a woman with her own business or you work with women, knowing feminine personality types will give you the insight you need to create the business you love and the success you deserve!

Joy Balma, MA, MS is a bestselling author and women’s empowerment coach and personality type expert. After having a women’s wellness center for 2 decades as an acupuncturist and life coach, Joy began writing. Her passion is to help women see their unique personalities and own their power so they can create the life they desire and deserve.


19: How Women Sabotage Their Success in Business…According to Men

How Women Sabotage Their Success in Business

Most business books for women are written by women. There are books by women who have overcome great obstacles. Women have written best-sellers sharing their leadership journey to greatness. Other books showcase successful women and describe how they advanced to senior-level positions. Since men currently hold the power positions in business and industry, has anyone ever asked men what they think women should do to advance in business? How Women Sabotage Their Success in Business provides honest, practical, credible advice on how more women can advance in business. With guidance from Michelle Bergquist, you’ll learn how to play the game of business, show results, get your brag on, search for mentors and advocates, know and describe your worth, boost your visibility, speak up and be noticed, turn your ask on, support other women for advancement, learn to adapt, and be you!


20: Bold Courage: How Owning Your Awesome Changes Everything

Bold Courage

Bold Courage is a call to arms for individuals and organizations to re-engage the human spirit. It is about shifting perspective, learning to unleash the potential of saying yes, taking risks and learning to play a bigger game in life. It is about developing a discipline for greatness in small tangible ways that build a legacy with a long-lasting impact.

Paula Morand is a leadership building, revenue-boosting, strategy expanding keynote speaker, author, and visionary. This “dreaming big & being bold” expert brings her vibrant energy, humor, and wisdom to ignite individuals, organizations, and communities to lead change, growth, and impact in a more bold fashion.


21: The Leader’s Mindset: How to Win in the Age of Disruption

The Leader's Mindset

It’s time to rip up the rulebook on leadership. The future belongs to a different kind of leader with a different kind of mind. In The Leader’s Mindset: How To Win In The Age of Disruption, Terence Mauri takes you on a deep dive into the hearts and minds of visionaries, risk-takers, and pioneers who pursue moonshots—the revolutionary ideas that rewrite how business is done. The advantages are huge for anyone who can tap the genius of the leader’s mindset: Purpose, energy, and the opportunity to excel beyond your wildest imagination. Wherever you are, this clever guide is the missing link for a new type of leadership.


22: The Art and Business of Teaching Yoga: The Yoga Professional’s Guide to a Fulfilling Career

The Art and Business of Teaching Yoga

Thousands of yoga lovers take teacher training courses each year, hoping to share what they learn with others. Many want to make yoga teaching their full-time career, but most training programs fall short in covering business acumen, and they may not equip graduates with the entrepreneurial skills they need to make a go of it. The Art and Business of Teaching Yoga guides both new and established professionals toward maximizing their impact as teachers and achieving their career goals. With over 20 years of experience under her belt, Amy Ippoliti shows you how to build a loyal student base, plan dynamic classes, optimize your own practice, stabilize your finances, maintain a marketing plan, optimize your use of social media, create a unique brand identity, and inspire even more students to embrace yoga!


23: InSecurity: Why a Failure to Attract and Retain Women in Cybersecurity is Making Us All Less Safe


Women are fundamentally different to men and when it comes to cybersecurity, one thing is certain: If you’re short on women, you’re less safe. Typically, women are more risk averse, compliant with rules, and embracing of organizational controls and technology than men. Additionally, they’re extremely intuitive and score highly when it comes to emotional and social intelligence, which enables them to remain calm during times of turbulence—an essential trait for a cybersecurity expert. With cybercrime on the rise and the number of women in cybersecurity declining, now is the time to take action. By combining stories, interviews, and data with practical advice, the golden rules, and checklists, InSecurity provides the means to turn things around. When you read this book you’ll understand why the numbers of women have fallen, along with strategies for attracting, identifying, and retaining more women in cybersecurity. This book by Jane Frankland is essential reading for anyone in cybersecurity or looking to get into the field.


24: Women Who Won: Stories of Courage, Confidence, Vision, and Determination

Women Who Won

Women Who Won is an invaluable compendium, profiling 28 women from around the world and their inspiring, motivating, and astonishing examples of achievement to create a story that is both compelling and intriguing. More importantly, every story delivers profound insights for us to learn from and apply in our lives—no matter our gender. Winning is not about being the most talented, it’s about being the most determined and Women Who Won helps us understand that if we embrace and commit to our dreams, set a goal, and find a way to do better than we’ve ever done before, we can all be winners. The stories also include insightful takeaways by author Bill Ellis, an expert on personal branding, who extracts practical tips from each story to help us to face whatever challenge or adversity and still get things done. Women Who Won is a book that can be read from cover to cover in one sitting, or savored story by story. A great gift for ourselves or for anyone we want to support in achieving their own dreams, this book should be included in every library, office, and personal bookshelf.


25: Frazzled to Free: The Soulful Momma’s Guide To Finding Meaningful Work

Frazzled to Free

Did you become a mom and immediately find that your career no longer works for you? Do you long to be doing something different, but aren’t sure what or how? Or how you’ll even find time and energy to make it happen with such a busy life?

After more than a decade of personal experience in picking the exact wrong careers, Kayla Berg offers a much easier and simpler way to find soulful, meaningful work that is both a joy to do and works with the demands of family life. Because how you spend your working time matters. If Danielle LaPorte, Martha Beck, and Elisa Romero got together for a wine night and ended up writing a book, Frazzled to Free would have been the result.


26: 50 Business Classics: Your Shortcut to the Most Important Ideas on Innovation, Management, and Strategy

50 Business Classics

A single idea can help you find the next big thing, but it takes time to filter through hundreds of business books to find inspiration. With insightful commentaries on over a century of landmark writings assembled by Tom Butler-Bowdon, 50 Business Classics presents the great entrepreneur stories, the best management thinking, and the proven ideas on strategy, innovation, and marketing—illuminated and clarified as never before, in one volume.

50 Business Classics presents the key ideas from classic texts such as My Years with General Motors and Michael Gerber’s The E-Myth Revisited to contemporary business lessons from the rise of tech giants like Google, Apple, and Amazon. It contains revealing biographies of luminaries like Steve Jobs and Warren Buffett, as well as lesser-known stories including the creation of publishing giant Penguin and Chinese behemoth Alibaba. Summarizing the smartest thinking for today’s professional success, 50 Business Classics provides inspiration and insights for entrepreneurs, executives, and students of business and management alike.


27: A Latina’s Guide to Money

A Latina's Guide to Money

In A Latina’s Guide to Money, Eva Macias pulls back the curtain on a segment of the population that is often reluctant or overwhelmed by the financial process: Latin women. Macias shows readers that taking charge of your finances can, in fact, be quite fun and exciting as you watch your money grow.

This book reveals the cultural differences impacting the financial well-being for Latinas and includes everything you need to know about personal finance—whether you’re just getting started or starting over again, learn how to recognize the cultural aspects involving money so you can make positive changes that matter, deal with immigration issues that impact your finances, become an expert about your finances, feel confident that you’re in charge of your future, and more! This matter-of-fact yet simple step-by-step process will inspire you to fund your financial dreams and live a life where you can have it all.


28: Firedancer: Your Spiral Journey to a Life of Passion and Purpose


Every personal journey starts with a quest for a deeper understanding of who we are, where we’ve been, and where we want to go. Firedancer invites you to embark on this journey-one that honors you and your unique story.

Is your heart calling for something more?  Are you ready to leave behind overwhelm and a mundane existence and step into life feeling vibrant, on fire, and unstoppable? Do you have a deep inner desire to make your mark on the world—to live into your reason for being? Firedancer will help you connect to your heart’s calling, discover the “essence of you” and how you’re meant to matter, and build courage and resiliency to ignite the next passion-filled chapter of your life. Sharing her personal story, beginning with a mystifying discovery on a Himalayan mountaintop that ultimately changed the trajectory of her life, Kami Guildner helps you breakthrough to your life’s purpose and reach your soul-given potential.


29: Enough: The Simple Path to Everything You Want—A Field Guide for Perpetually Exhausted Entrepreneurs


Being an entrepreneur is thrilling and rewarding. It’s also exhausting, confusing, and at times, downright terrifying. With the freedom to set your own hours and not have to answer to a boss comes the overwhelming reality that the burden of success lies squarely—and exclusively—on your overworked (and likely underpaid) shoulders. How do you know when you’ve made it? When can you sit back and relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor? When have you done enough, saved enough, strategized enough, worried enough?

Enter Enough, a poignant blueprint for entrepreneurs (and passionate everyday people) who are tired of feeling like they’re running the wrong way on life’s treadmill. In this honest, entertaining guide, author, and book coach Elizabeth Lyons delivers insights and solutions for embracing every step of the entrepreneurial process, starting with wherever you are right now. By the last page, you’ll have a new perspective on your unique path and a plan in place to help you reach the incredible life you’ve been breathlessly running toward all along.


30: Book The Business: How To Make BIG MONEY With Your Book Without Even Selling A Single Copy

Book The Business

Casting yourself in the role of a published author can foster authority, credibility, believability and even celebrity like nothing else. Being introduced as a book author (not a salesman) and introducing yourself with a book (not a brochure) creates interest in place of resistance. The position of an expert advisor is more easily commandeered by the book author than by anyone else.

These are just a few of many good reasons to learn how to become a published author and how to use that status and your book to accomplish your particular goals – exactly the information roads traveled with you here by Adam Witty and Dan Kennedy. Together, they probably have more experience as published authors and with assisting entrepreneurs and business professionals in becoming published authors and promoting themselves, their businesses or their causes with books than anyone else on the planet! Whether you want to make it to the bestseller lists or just sell a lot more of your goods or services more easily with a profound competitive advantage, Book The Business is for you!


31: Learning to Dance with Life: A Guide for High Achieving Women

Learning to Dance with Life

Wherever you are on your life journey, Learning to Dance with Life will help you find peace amidst the chaos of daily life and work. It includes proven strategies and powerful practices to support driven women to transform their lives from constantly “doing” and “giving” to healthy, balanced lives they design and love. Pamela Thompson shares intimate experiences from her personal life and works with women and men around the world. Readers will be drawn to complete this book filled with valuable tools and practices to create a joy-filled life. The link to a companion workbook is provided.


32: Goal-Free Living: How to Have the Life You Want NOW!

Goal-Free Living

Setting goals may be fine. But letting your goals take control of your life can be devastating. Goal-Free Living shows you how to explore paths in your life you never knew existed and discover a more exciting, successful, and rewarding life—today!

Stephen Shapiro is one of the foremost authorities on innovation culture, collaboration, and open innovation. During the past twenty years, his message to hundreds of thousands of people in forty countries around the world has remained the same: Innovation only occurs when organizations bring together divergent points of view in an efficient manner


33: Social Media Myths BUSTED: The Small Business Guide To Online Revenue

Social Media Myths BUSTED

Social media marketing for the small business owner often comes with a lot of questions. Social marketing expert Laura Rubinstein, interviewed more than thirty entrepreneurs, business owners, and social media pros to debunk the myths and offers a progressive guide to building profitable and meaningful connections on networks like Google Plus, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

Learn from Rubinstein and other top thought leaders—including Viveka von Rosen—about what it takes to stand out, connect, and attract new clients. Whether you’re in a creative field, local business, or professional, you’ll be guided through the most common and some uncommon misconceptions. Whether it’s busting myths or gaining special insights into social media marketing, Social Media Myths BUSTED has all the information you need to master your online presence!


34: Passion, Purpose & Profit: Shifting Your Dreams into Successful Entrepreneurship

Passion, Purpose & Profit

Take it from Dawniel Winningham: Any woman can pursue her dream of starting a successful business. Regardless of her past and present circumstances, she can build the life she’s always wanted. With a little encouragement, faith, determination, and resources, that woman can be you! Yes, YOU can create the life you desire while getting paid to do what you love to do.

Passion, Purpose & Profit details the lives of 35 successful women entrepreneurs who have overcome adversity, perfected their passion, and take control of their lives by pursuing the work God has called them to do. These women kicked doubt to the curb and declared what was true all along: Nothing is impossible! If this sounds like you, it’s time to release the brakes and start shifting your dream into a profitable reality. There’s no better time to change your life than now!


35: Speak Without Fear: Rock Star Presentation Skills to Get People to Hear What You Say

Speak Without Fear

From stages across America to the classrooms of Yale and Harvard comes Deb Sofield’s inspirational, instructional guide to help you conquer your fear of public speaking. Speak Without Fear transforms our old ways of thinking about public speaking and provides the reader with the necessary tools to move beyond the fear and craft their message in a way that will inspire, move, and most of all—be heard!

She provides the reader with a front-row seat to her award-winning, internationally recognized techniques and uses personal examples and step-by-step instructions to help you overcome the number one fear in the country: The fear of public speaking. Don’t allow fear and doubt to paralyze you. Find your voice and discover what thousands of Sofield’s clients have already learned—how to Speak Without Fear!


36: Permission to Leap: The Six-Phase Journey to Bring Your Vision to Life

Permission to Leap

You know that there is more available to you. Life is calling for you to be more in the world. And while you’ve taken a few baby steps to find out more, the thought of jumping without a parachute terrifies you. You can feel torn between the comfort that you know and that invisible whisper inviting you into the expansive and vast unknown. The doubts and what-ifs are paralyzing you on the fence of indecision. To the left, comfort, and to the right, possibility. Which side do you choose?

Life coach Bri Seeley’s Permission to Leap will guide you through the process of leaping from the day you commit to the day you land softly on the other side. Because the world needs you to leap sooner rather than later.


37: Motivational Listener: Be Interesting by Being Interested: Practical Skills to Be Successful at Business Networking Events

Motivational Listener

Being a Motivational Listener takes practice and is a set of skills you can apply on a daily basis. You will be interesting because you are interested. Confident people are more attractive and interesting. The practical skills you will learn in this audiobook will enable you to walk into any networking event full of confidence that others will recognize. You will reach out and connect with new people. Your new connections will be eager to have follow-up meetings with you and become your advocates.

Scott Smith leverages research from a variety of fields including sociology and neuroscience in defining the processes of a motivational listener. Introverts, extroverts, and ambiverts can become master networkers using the six steps described in this audiobook.

Build your network as a motivational listener!


38: How to Have Kick-Ass Ideas: Shake Up Your Business, Shake Up Your Life

How to Have Kick-Ass Ideas

The one-stop resource for your own brilliant ideas! Stuck in a rut? Bored? Dissatisfied? Uninspired? Got a problem you don’t know how to solve? What if you knew exactly what you wanted and could make it happen, right now? To get there, you need creativity—you need some kick-ass ideas. How to Have Kick-Ass Ideas by Chris Baréz-Brown is chock-full of practical and inspirational ways to help you jump-start your creativity, identify what you want in life, and then make it happen.

Listen to Chris & Jim from Upping Your Elvis talk about their Energy Experiments in their new Podcast, or try to Talk It Out, a technique created by Chris to help people develop positive mental wellbeing. It’s free, it’s easy & it’s fun!


39: 13 Things Mentally Strong Women Don’t Do: Own Your Power, Channel Your Confidence, and Find Your Authentic Voice for a Life of Meaning and Joy

13 Things Mentally Strong Women Don't Do

The emergence of the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements have awakened society and encouraged women to find their voice and claim their power. But to do this, women must learn to improve their own mental strength. Contending with a host of difficult issues—from sexual assault on college campuses to equal pay and pay gaps, to mastering different negotiation styles—demands psychological toughness.

In this crucial book, prominent psychotherapist and licensed clinical social worker Amy Morin give women the techniques to build mental muscle—and just as important, she teaches them what not to do. Wise, grounded, and essential, 13 Things Mentally Strong Women Don’t Do can help every woman flourish—and ultimately improve our society as well.


40: Ponder This: How Everyday Experiences Deliver Unexpected Insights in Business and Life (Volume 1)

Ponder This

Ponder This is full of the unexpected and sometimes kooky connections author Angie Mattson Stegall makes about life and business as she’s practicing “being still while moving.” It’s a personal collection of insights from her day-to-day life experiences, whether she’s driving to see clients, hiking for fun and exercise, or rafting 225 miles of the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon on an epic adventure.

Although much of this book focuses on the business reader, the ideas and concepts can easily be applied to a reader’s personal life, too. As you read through the ponderings inside this book, the hope is you will begin paying attention to the small miracles, unexpected coincidences, and lessons life wants to share with you. In other words, this book should give you a lot to ponder, too.


41: Open Source Leadership: Reinventing Management When There’s No More Business as Usual

Open Source Leadership

For the first time in human history, knowledge is free and almost every boundary to communication has been lifted. This open-source world has permanently altered the business landscape. And you can count on the fact that the pace of change will only accelerate. Yet companies still rely on management tools and practices that were, at best, mildly effective in their heyday. In Open Source Leadership, Rajeev Peshawaria reveals the vision, insight, and practices he has used to help some of today’s largest and most influential organizations meet the open-source world head-on.

Open Source Leadership rewrites the rules of management, giving you a unique look at the most common misperceptions, illusions, and downright wrong information you’ve been getting about what works and what doesn’t.  It provides a new, counterintuitive model for seizing a competitive edge in any industry.


42: My Boss Doesn’t Care: 100 Essays on Disrupting Your Workplace By Disrupting Your Boss

My Boss Doesn't Care

Changing a work culture is hard. Change can only come about when we begin to think differently about the kind of disruption we actually want. Sure, technology, culture, and personal drive at work matter. But, at the end of the day, if you want to change your workplace, you’ve got to start by changing YOUR thinking about what’s possible. My Boss Doesn’t Care, Jesan Sorrells answers the never-ending question of how to change organizational cultures, not through changing jobs, but through changing your mind about your work, your boss, and even yourself!

Jesan Sorrells, the CEO and Founder of Human Services Consulting and Training, is a premier B2B corporate trainer, keynote speaker, and entrepreneur. Human Services Consulting and Training is a full stack, boutique, corporate training and consulting agency who works with clients in the areas of leadership development, conflict management, and team strategic design. Jesan Sorrells published Marketing for Peace Builders: How to Market Your Value to a World in Conflict in 2016.


43: Make It Happen Before Lunch: 50 Cut-to-the-Chase Strategies for Getting the Business Results You Want

Make It Happen Before Lunch

Taking his cue from the legendary Hollywood dealmaker Swifty Lazar who once said “Make something happen before lunch,” Stephan Schiffman has boiled down his extensive business experience into inspirational lessons that any business professional can use. Now, Schiffman focuses his attention on the art of building and maintaining business relationships.

Drawing on his lifetime of experience training salespeople at Sprint, AT&T, American Express, and Chase, Schiffman offers fifty invaluable nuggets of field-tested business advice including discovering the joy of rejection, not taking yes for an answer, remembering that people live 2 weeks at a time, and not confusing an obstacle with a tragedy. With each tip providing a fresh insight into overcoming whatever the business world throws at you, Schiffman will change the way you think about business and success.


44: The Way of Adventure: Transforming Your Life and Work with Spirit and Vision

The Way of Adventure

What is an adventure? As Dr. Jeff Salz shows us in this wise, wonderful, and extraordinary book, it is the most vital way of living your life every day. Few people can write about an adventure with the authority of Dr. Salz, a real-life “Indiana Jones” who has experienced extreme adventures from the Himalayas to Patagonia. In this book, he recounts thrilling, often perilous journeys and reveals how each one provides an essential lesson for living with authenticity, courage, and imagination in any circumstance. Download this book to embark on your own journey of self-discovery.

Jeff Salz, Ph.D. is a cultural anthropologist, business consultant, inspirational speaker, journalist, explorer, and mountaineer. He has brought his wisdom to many of the world’s biggest and most successful companies, including United Airlines, 3M, ExxonMobil, AT&T, Hewlett-Packard, Merrill Lynch, and Disney. He has appeared on CBS-TV’s Early Show and in documentaries on the Travel Channel.


45: Create the Life You Dream About: Discover Your Inner Power to Change Your Life

Create the Life You Dream About

Create the Life You Dream About shows you how to change your life, find your purpose, and design your life through building self-confidence and resilience. If you are a woman looking to take control of your life, change your career, or learn effective strategies to ultimately transform your life, you have come to the right place. Anna Simpson’s mission in life is to help women gain self-confidence and self-belief in their potential and unique gifts in order to help them understand that they can achieve their goals, dreams, and aspirations so they can enjoy their dream lives, both personally and professionally.

Through self-discovery, she will show you how to unlock the potential within you and give you the confidence to design your life on your terms. If you’re a woman struggling with relationships, a soul-eroding job, or just generally feeling stuck in a rut, this is the book for you.


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