40 Great Small Business Resources

40 small business resources

A priority of small business is staying true to your brand and aesthetic. As an entrepreneur, you know how to cater to your niche audience. So when it comes to finding resources for your business, it’s essential to know the people you’re working with align with what you’re already doing!

So many services are created and intended for massive brands and larger corporations, that looking for something that suits a small business can be challenging to track down. Thankfully, I’ve done that work for you. I’ve found 40 great small business resources that can help your business grow, while also having the functionality and design to fit your small business aesthetic. Let’s get started!

1: Jones Adventure Marketing

joens adventure marketing

Regardless of if you’re an entrepreneur, or a small to medium sized business owner, access to affordable and quality marketing should be within your grasp. Let the crew at Jones Adventure Marketing make that dream a reality by giving you professional quality marketing assistance to business owners at a cost you can afford!

2: Gratitude & Glamour

Gratitude and Glamour

Join Amy Lee as she aims to help you change your mindset with the formula she created that changes the trajectory of lives and businesses, and makes them thrive. Allow yourself to earn more money, find your mindfulness, and achieve what you think to be impossible.

3: Teh Financial Coaching

teh financial coaching

For those who feel as if their hard work isn’t paying off, let Christine Teh alleviate those worries. A personal finance and money coach located in San Francisco, Christine will work with anyone anywhere, virtually, to help you get your life back on track.


4: Messua Design + Media

messua design media

An Italian native, Messua works with women in business to give them a website they can be proud of. A professional when it comes to graphic design and website creation, Messua is dedicated to her cause in giving you a website that can function beautifully in just a few short weeks!

5: Kelsei Leann

kelsei leann

Kelsei Leann is a business coach, and she is here to help women business owners and entrepreneurs get their lives back on track! Allow Kelsei to give you the game plan, the tools necessary for success, and the motivation to get the job done while building confidence and power in your business.

6: Private Eye Ottowa

private eye investigation

Proud to serve the Ottowa area, Private Eye Investigations is one of Ottawa’s fastest-growing private investigation agencies. Offering their service day and night, 365 days a year, they’re always ready to help.

7: Karissa Housden

Specializing in business organization and content creation, Karissa is here to help you get started on a strong foundation! With work in scheduling and management, Karissa is here to make sure your business stays organized, so your energy can be focused on what matters.

8: Launch Your Soul

launch your soul A signature course coach and a web designer, Mary believes that changing and evolving with your business is the secret to success. Allow her to explain why your dreams are valid, and even more so, why they’re more achievable than you think

9: Natasha Jordan

natasha jordan

Natasha Jordan is a triple threat. A photographer, graphics and brand designer, and motivational speaker, Natasha’s goal revolves around uplifting and empowering women to live their best and most fulfilling lives.

10: Invest In Yourself

invest in yourself

Invest In Yourself is a website design and social media marketing agency designed to help you find the solution to your online marketing needs. With a specialization in Instagram account management, they use the power of social media to strengthen your brand.

11: SEK Business Solutions

SEK Business solutions

SEK Business Solutions operates as a full-service internet consulting firm. Their goal is to help you achieve your goals, and by covering the full spectrum of anything internet related that can help you produce more traffic towards your website, they’re ready to help build your business.

12: A Fresh Creative

a fresh creative

A Fresh Creative is a website design company that wants to take your website from boring to beautiful. With a combination of powerful and minimalistic design opportunities, A Fresh Creative is here to help you create buzz across social media with your brand message.

13: Wild Spirit Development

wild spirit development

Websites should be able to drive quality leads to your business for higher conversion rates. If you’re not getting these results, the team at Wild Spirit Development can help. A business that specifies in website branding, Wild Spirit Development can find the niche that makes your business pop off the virtual page.

14: Kenzi Green Design

kenzi green design

Branding for your business goes beyond the logo created. Branding should be a way for customers to see your business values, message, services, and style in the process. Kenzi Green Design helps with that process, and combines the visuals with the meaning behind them, and what your business can do.


15: The Roze Loft

the roze loft

With projects that focus on the heart and soul of what you’re looking for in your business, The Roze Loft works to give you top-notch designs and strategies that speak for themselves. With clients that aim for big dreams, The Roze Loft commits to making those dreams a reality.


16: Purée Fantastico

puree fantastico

Specialists in the world of science and design, Purée Fantastico collaborates with a creative laboratory and greatness factory. Delivering on things like design, copywriting, strategic development, and consulting services, Purée Fantastico helps businesses around the world.

17: Customized Healing Solutions

A holistic approach to health, Customized Healing Solutions is at the forefront of mind medicine, and body medicine. Customized Healing Solutions specializes in improving your health by bringing your body back into balance. Allow them to get your body to where it can be.

18: The Platinum Years

the platinum years

Retirement isn’t the same as it used to be, and Baby Boomers aren’t content to glide into The Golden Years anymore. Instead, try giving The Platinum Years a chance. A program that provides methodology and advice, The Platinum Years provides a sense of logic and peace of mind to help you envision a future that you’re happy with.

19: Your Web Toolkit

your web toolkit

Cathy has spent her life learning the tricks of the trade in every area of marketing possible. With experience in graphic design, website building, online marketing, and digital product creation, Cathy has made it her mission to help businesses grow and thrive with her expert help.

20: Marketing 4 Everyone

marketing 4 everyone

Leads and sales is the name of the game with Marketing 4 Everyone. Their team consists of former Facebook employees, Amazon, and Google ad specialists. Because of this, they’re the best in the game, and they know how to get you the best results possible. Get a free mobile optimized landing page when you collab with this fantastic team!

21: Level Up Coaching

Level Up Coaching allows you to collaborate with Coach Jennie, a specialist in the field of network marketing. Allow Jennie to help you advance your leadership skills, your team building opportunities, and your sales process while setting goals and taking action in the process.

22: Jennifer Anastasi

jennifer anastasi

Jennifer Anastasi is a woman with ten years of experience in the digital marketing field. Her goal is to help women entrepreneurs create amazing websites and invent an experience that attracts new customers to the site to convert those visits into actual sales.


23: Inspire Works

inspire works

Funnel flow architects and growth consultants Yudelky and Nadine collaborate with Inspire Works, a business that allows you to understand and create a customer journey for every click on your website. Digital success comes from these interactions, and Inspire Works can help you create a profit on this critical interaction.

24: TotalBizz

total bizz

A one-stop shop for your business improvement needs, TotalBizz guides you towards growth and potential. With an aim to fit any business size and any budget, TotalBizz works hard to help you establish your business foundation and your brand message.

25: Linda Clay


Linda Clay is a business coach who specializes in working with women that are determined to take action and get results. Business strategies are her niche, and Linda wants to work with women who are driven, who are ready to face their fears, and who know how to step up their game.

26: Take Back Your Health

take back your health

Coach Geletha Darter is here to help you manage your diabetes and your overall health. Take Back Your Health is a health coaching business where Coach G partners with you. Their goal is to help you make a sustainable change and improve your health overall. Coach G brings into action the change you need to manage your condition.

27: Mod Merchant

mod merchant

Mod Merchant, run by Sarah Ferrence, is a business that strives to help you grow and develop. Sarah is a merchandising and strategy expert who is also a nerd for sales with a passion for brand launching. Collaborating with Sarah means your business is getting the best of the best when it comes to unique strategies that offer the best results.

28: Krazee With KaZee


A mother and son business team, Krazee with KaZee aims to help people find the passion they’re missing in their lives. Their goal is to inspire you to get out of your usual thinking habits and, instead, embrace the patterns necessary needed to chase the success you crave.

29: Victoria Rubio

Victoria Rubio


Victoria Rubio is a business coach that wants to help you become the best version of yourself. By helping her clients to heal mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually, Victoria allows them to fulfill their purpose, and bring her clients into a state of perpetual happiness and prosperity.

30: Gracefully Nested

gracefully nestled

A healthy and happy lifestyle starts in the home, and Gracefully Nested understands that better than anyone else. Using their passion for business, Gracefully Nested can help you organize your home, and make your place a happy and healthy place to be at all times.

31: Hanah Ahmed

hanah ahmed

A dedicated and passionate business coach, Hanah Ahmed wants to help you build your dream team with a strategic foundation. Her job as a Life Purpose Coach and Business Strategist is to help empower women to figure out what their purpose in life is, and to help them create that purpose with a sense of drive and confidence.

32: LIVE-it Lifestyle

live it lifestyle

Nikki is a jack of all trades when it comes to the digital marketing game. She’s spent her last few years helping business owners and entrepreneurs lose weight and stay healthy with her fitness mindset, and yearns to help others with the very same. Keep your eyes on what really matters, and give your body some love!

33: Virgo Immen Photography

virgo immen photography

Virgo Immen Photography uses their immense talent to help you create a marketing strategy you can be proud of. As a photography service, they specialize in portraits of people of all ages. Let them turn your business into something beautiful, and give their marketing and graphic design a try.

34: Goddess Code Academy

goddess activations

Goddess Code Academy takes the practice of holistic treatment to connect yourself to a more awakened and elevated platform and combines it with the programming aspect of online marketing. Allow yourself to feel good about the work you’re doing, and let this fantastic team be your guiding light.

35: Sharlrita DeLoatch

sharlrita deloatch

An experienced and seasoned entrepreneur, business strategist, and motivational speaker, Sharltrita DeLoatch is passionate about coaching women business owners and women in leadership roles to break through the boundaries that hold them back to strive for success.

36: Ready Set Go Website Design

A business created to help entrepreneurs look their best online, Ready Set Go Website Design is here to help you create an affordable yet stylish website for your business. You don’t always need to cut corners to afford top quality content, and Ready Set Go Website Design can help you achieve what you need with your budget.

37: Tyler Basu

tyler basu

A content marketer extraordinaire, Tyler Basu helps entrepreneurs achieve growth and outreach by generating content that brings high levels of conversion towards their ideal clients. Let Tyler help your business create something amazing while getting the hot leads you’ve been searching for.

38: Inner Glow Circle

inner glow circle

Inner Glow Circle invites all business owners, entrepreneurs, and aspiring creatives to enlist in their coaching course. Advertised as the number one training company for coaches and entrepreneurs, Inner Glow Circle is the best of the best when it comes to helping you tap into your ultimate potential.

39: Bold Asset

bold asset One of the best teams in the business, Bold Asset is here to help you with your content marketing strategies. Allow them to impart their wisdom onto you, and pick up a copy of their new workbook, The Ultimate Content Guide For Coaches, to get all of their inside secrets for success!

40: CCJM Consulting

ccjm consulting

Regardless of how you title yourself in the business world, CCJM Consulting is here to help you achieve your dreams and goals. Entrepreneurs, solo entrepreneurs, and budding dreamers with big ideas are all welcome at CCJM Consulting, where you can get the top tips from people who’ve been in the game long enough to know the step by step to finally launch and run successfully your dream business online – no guess, no stress.

40 Great Small Business Resources: Know The Secrets For Success

Growing your small business is an overwhelming task, so figuring out how to manage your growth is essential. That’s why so many programs and courses exist all around the world—to help people just like you get a jump start on the competition. For this reason, I’m releasing a series of blog posts so you can browse through incredible teams and specialists who have the expertise to help you make the most of your small business. Enjoy!