Hey there, welcome to the very first episode of The Millionaire Maker Show! I’m Lindsey Anderson, and I’m excited to be your host. As a business coach for coaches, I’ve spent the last 20 years helping online coaches scale their businesses. In this podcast, I’ll be sharing valuable insights and strategies to help you achieve success in your coaching journey.

Today, I want to introduce you to the Millionaire Maker Self-Filling Coaching Funnel. It’s a one-page business plan that I’ve developed specifically for coaches like you. This funnel will guide you in scaling your coaching business and achieving abundance. I’m thrilled to share it with you today.

Let’s dive into some key takeaways that will help you scale your coaching business to new heights:

  1. Hyper-Specific Lead Magnets: Offer free lead magnets that solve one specific problem your target audience faces. By providing valuable content, you’ll attract prospects from social media platforms and start building trust and credibility.
  2. Low-Cost Mini Offers: After prospects consume your lead magnet, nurture them with low-cost mini programs. These programs, priced around $47, $57, or $97, act as stepping stones for prospects to experience your coaching and understand the value you provide.
  3. Self-Study Signature Offer: Create a self-study course that includes videos and corresponding worksheets, outlining your signature coaching methodology. This allows prospects to purchase and study your program at their own pace, providing flexibility and convenience.
  4. Group Coaching Program: Transition prospects from the self-study program to a group coaching program. Offer a more hands-on approach in a one-to-many setting, providing support and guidance to a larger audience while avoiding burnout.
  5. One-on-One Coaching: For prime candidates who have gone through your group coaching program, offer personalized one-on-one coaching. Charge high-ticket prices for this tailored, high-impact coaching experience.

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Remember, the Millionaire Maker Self-Filling Coaching Funnel serves as your roadmap to scaling your coaching business and achieving your goals. By following the steps in this funnel, you’ll attract, nurture, and guide prospects towards one-on-one coaching, turning your coaching dreams into reality.


Welcome to the very first episode of The Millionaire Maker Show. I am your host, Lindsey Anderson, and I could not be more excited to be here. I've had the opportunity to be on. Both sides of the mic. During my career I've been interviewed on hundreds of podcasts because of my experience in helping coaches build and monetize their online businesses. And I've also hosted podcasts in the past. But this one is really special because this one is 20 years of my experience on two sides of my businesses that help coaches. Really, learn the tricks of the trade on how to scale their businesses to achieve more time, more money, more freedom, and more impact. Let me tell you just a little bit more about myself. On one side of my business, I have the BAM Agency. Now, the BAM Agency is a done for you agency. We. Only help coaches who have proven methodologies and they are ready to scale. We bring them into the agency. We create systems. We help them really strategize on how to create more time, more money, more freedom, and more impact in their business. We also will run ads for these coaches and help them through marketing strategies like launching and the invite only event. My ad agency ends up servicing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of ads every single year. that's one side of my business. The other is Lindsay Anderson coaching. And through courses and my coaching programs and one-on-one v I P experiences, I help coaches create these systems for themselves. I mentor them through Proven strategies and systems so they can implement these portions by themselves. So through those two portions of my business, the agency where we do done for you work for some of the biggest coaches in the industry and Lindsay Anderson coaching where I help coaches through my courses and programs. I have seen it all and I have a really unique experience and take on what it takes to simply, guys, I'm talking simply here, build a highly profitable coaching business that impacts so many people. let me tell you a little bit about what I have set up for the show. the entire purpose of the Millionaire Maker Show is to be your guiding light towards building a highly profitable. Online coaching business. I will be sharing with you through powerful episodes how to navigate the world of online coaching and how to actually make it achievable for you, and I'm gonna do that. In three different ways. We have three different episodes coming hot at you. Let me tell you a little bit about them. First of all, we've got solo episodes. These are going to be with me, yours truly, where I'll be unveiling the secrets of my trade, the keys to growing a thriving coaching business. Now the insights that I'll be sharing on these solo episodes will be potent and derived from years of experience and success. Today will be one of those episodes I'll be sharing with you the inspiration for the Millionaire Maker Show. And that is my one. Page business plan for growing an abundant. Coaching business called the Millionaire Maker Self Filling Coaching Funnel. We're gonna be going over that. It's one page and it will show you exactly how to format all of your programs so you can actually scale without wanting to give up or burning out. So that's the first kind of episode. So solo episodes. Next we're gonna be delivering interviews. I've made connections with industry leaders who've been where you wanna go. From the highest ticket coaches to the biggest names in the industry who've sold millions. My interview style certainly cuts to the chase, and you'll learn what's working right now. listen into these interviews because they will help you stay updated on industry trends and keep up with the thrilling pace of selling transformational coaching programs. And then finally, We're gonna have client stories, real life stories from online coaches who have actually walked the talk. I'll be bringing in my agency clients and those coaches who I have personally coached under Lindsay Anderson coaching, and we will hear real stories of overcoming hurdles to run successful. And highly profitable online coaching businesses. Through these interviews, you'll certainly get a clear picture of how you can emulate their success if you're willing to put in the work. that's what you have up and coming on this amazing podcast. The Millionaire Maker Show is the one place you need to be if you are ready to learn how to simply grow your online coaching business with ease. So if you're in on that, I have one more little gift for you, something that you might be interested in, If you head over to the millionaire makers show.com/insiders. You're gonna get early access to each new episode, exclusive bonus content and resources designed to help you implement the strategies that I'll be discussing on the show and not to mention. Okay, you wanna run, don't walk to get signed up, because the very first 100 people, the sign up will receive a special surprise. So one more time. That's the Millionaire makers show.com/insiders. The whole inspiration for this show, which is the Millionaire maker self fulfilling coaching funnel. You're gonna wanna write this down. In fact, anytime you come to the Millionaire Maker Show, you're gonna wanna show up with a pen and piece of paper. But please don't do this when you're in your car. Listen to it later. So let's, let's cut to the chase and let me give you this one page business plan for building out your coaching business. I'm going to describe this from what the perfect funnel will look like to a brand new prospect in your coaching business. it looks like any other funnel that you're gonna see from a digital marketer. It's basically an upside down triangle where at the top your prospects will be coming in from social media. we're gonna be offering hyper specific lead magnets. These are free, these are available, and these are. tiny videos or PDFs or other things you can give your prospects so they can get a little taste of you for free. Typically, these are very consumable and fix one and only one problem. Now, the theory is after they consume your hyper-specific lead magnet, then they're gonna be primed up to actually. buy a low-cost mini offer. These are those 47, 57, 90 $7 mini programs that will help you nurture your perfect prospects. Now, these low-cost mini offers operate on the whole principle of buyers are listeners. Hear that again guys. Buyers are listeners with the, a massive amount of free information available today. If we can get our prospects to pick up a low-cost mini offer, they will certainly start listening to you. So the theory is after they pick up the low cost mini offer, then they are prime candidates to pick up a self-study course of your signature offer. This is your methodology in videos with corresponding worksheets that people purchase for self-study. This requires absolutely no time from you, and if you do it right, your low-cost mini offer will be a natural parlay into selling these individuals a self-study signature offer program. after that, It's just natural that people are gonna want more hands-on coaching and a more hands-on approach, which is the next step of the millionaire. Make yourself filling coaching funnel, which is you then send them to a group coaching program. This has allowed you, if you set up your group coaching program right, it will allow you to help people in a one to many style where you don't get burnt out by helping so many people and from your prospect's perspective, once they've consumed that signature offer, they realize and they will want, and they will know, like, and trust you enough to hop into your group coaching program and then. At the bottom of the funnel, you have yourself one-on-one coaching. Now, many of the prospects in your group coaching program will be prime candidates for one-on-one coaching. In fact, if you run your group coaching program correctly, you'll be. Helping these individuals become perfect and amazing, one-on-one coaching clients where you really can charge high ticket and have high impact for those clients who are ready for a one-on-one coaching program. Now, this is all well and good, and our digital marketing friends, myself included, have talked about this funnel. For so many years. Let me give you the steps one more time in order, and this is the order in which your prospects, those individuals that you wanna bring into your coaching. Business. This is what in a perfect world, they would do. So first of all, they're gonna come through the hyper-specific lead magnet. Then they're gonna see a low-cost mini offer, and they're gonna pick that up because you helped them so much with the lead magnet. And then you're gonna offer them a self-study program. Where your methodologies are outlined with videos and worksheets, then you can invite them to get some more hands-on help with a group coaching program, and finally help individuals get to one-on-one coaching. All right, so there's a problem here. Here's the big problem. The problem is, is that yes, your prospects will consume the millionaire Maker coaching funnel from the top down, but. There's a big butt here, and the big butt is if you try to build this funnel from the top down. You will probably fail and you'll probably get stuck, like 99% of the other coaches out there where you're trying to figure out the lead magnet that actually works. Or you are actually selling a low-cost mini offer that is ruining your positioning and won't even allow you to sell one-on-one coaching or get any decent leads. And that is all for one reason and one reason only, and that is because you cannot. Build the millionaire. Make yourself filling coaching funnel from the top down. You must build the millionaire maker yourself filling coaching funnel from the bottom up. Let me line this out for you. My whole methodology and the whole thing that will make growing your coaching business so much easier is when you first get going, you wanna lay a strong. Foundation and framework, and the only way to do that is through talking to people, getting experience and selling one-on-one coaching because there is no way that you will ever know what your perfect hyper-specific lead magnet will ever be if you've never talked or coached or concentrated on bringing people into a one-on-one coaching program. Not only that, If you start trying to sell a group coaching program and you have never really sold one-on-one coaching, it can be nearly impossible to fill that group because the most powerful way to. Understand your nicheing, your positioning and your messaging for all of the other steps in the self-fulfilling coaching funnel is to actually get that information from your one-on-one coaching clients. So let me repeat that one more time. your prospects will consume The millionaire make yourself filling coaching funnel from the top down. But you as an online coach, you need to build this thing from the ground up. Let me lay that out. First of all, if you're struggling in your coaching business, if you're having a hard time filling. Group coaching programs or figuring out the lead magnet that's going to work, stop, drop and start focusing on one-on-one coaching. Start putting yourself out there and bringing in one-on-one coaching clients because if you do it right, And you set up an enrollment call you can give them a bespoke program that will actually help them and speak to them so that you can get that experience and understand if there is a pattern here. A pattern of obstacles, a pattern of problems, a pattern of a way that they speak that you can actually understand and turn around and actually position and market a group coaching program that will appeal to many, many people. And after that, it's gonna be pretty easy to build out your signature offer, and that's where internet dreams are made. Guys, after you have built a group coaching program and it's time to do your signature offer. You sell this thing on self-study, and if you do it right, your internet dreams will come true, and this is when you can wake up every morning, two thousands of dollars in your inbox, and where your funnel is actually really working and making you money while you sleep. Now it's pretty simple to see that your signature offer those video modules of your methodology. Can easily be broken off into just right low-cost mini offers. Those little teeny tiny courses that your target market will be salivating for. They will love to consume that and they will be ready to buy. And once you're at that spot, It's gonna be very easy to know what those hyper-specific lead magnets are. Those freebie items that can really build your audience and can widen your reach and help you get the names and emails of even more people in your audience that have the problem that you're trying to solve. So you wanna build The millionaire make yourself fill in coaching funnel from the bottom up, and that's the entire. Inspiration for this show. We talk about how to get one-on-one clients. We talk about how to transition from one-on-one to group coaching and how to finally leverage our time and achieve more freedom by building out the rest of the coaching funnel. But, If you want the simplest way from an industry expert who has both a done for you agency, for coaches, and is a very successful coach herself, steal this one page business model from me. In fact, if you head on over to the millionaire maker.com/insiders, this funnel, the way that I've described it here, will be sent directly to your inbox. Now The real power of the millionaire maker self filling coaching funnel is best described by giving you a real life example of one of my customers. So this story is about Peter, one of my one-on-one v I P clients. Now Peter came to me and he had one problem, and that was he needed to expand his audience and get visibility with just the right people. he was a bit all over the place in his coaching business, despite having lead magnets, a low-cost offerer, a signature program. Peter struggled. He had all the puzzle pieces but couldn't quite fit them together. His core challenge, a lack of deep understanding of his client's needs and desires. That's when Peter enrolled in my one-on-one v I P coaching program, my Mastery program. And through this program I guided Peter through a critical process. This process is called the Perfect Client Interview Strategy, and this strategy is all about getting to know your clients, your very best clients. those one clients where if. You had cookie cutter versions of this client coming to you time and time again, your life would be perfect. they exist and you can find them using my perfect client interview strategy. Peter employed this strategy and interviewed some of his very best clients. He then took this strategy and. Repurposed all of this valuable information that he received from doing these interviews And as Peter focused on his one-on-one coaching clients because now he understood their obstacles and he was able to use their very own words, the words his customers gave him. To turn around and use as bait to attract even more perfect clients. Well, this was a real turning point for Peter in his business because he was an expert and the people, that he had already helped. We're getting these amazing results. All he had to hear from them was their dialect, what they were saying, how they were saying it. He turned that around, use that in an amazing content strategy, and was able to fill his group coaching programs, sell his signature offer. and develop amazing lead magnets which would ultimately fix the problem. He came to me in the first place, was really expanding his reach and finding even more people to help. So through Peter's. Story, you can clearly see how, regardless of where you are in your coaching business, if you get back and you focus on the millionaire maker self filling coaching funnel, and you go back to the basics, you go, you interview your clients, you hear what they say, you document that, and you use that as bait to attract even more clients. And you do this in a step by step. Way you can really build an amazing coaching business of your dreams. So let's outline this a little bit for everybody. What is it that the Millionaire Maker self filling coaching funnel actually teaches us? first of all, it teaches us, we have to get clear on our goals. And you approach these goals, these business goals, which by the way, Episode two of the Millionaire Maker Show will actually be going over these phases of business where you really need to be clear on your goals and it supplements perfectly the millionaire maker self filling coaching funnel. Next, when you follow the Millionaire, make yourself filling coaching funnel. It will help you develop a strategic plan. Most coaches have no idea how they're gonna get from point A to point B. They're typically releasing new programs and projects at every corner because they think the next program will actually be the next big thing. But you need a strategic plan. It's just like if you're going to fly from New York City to California, if you get in the plane and crush your fingers. I don't think you'll ever make it to your destination. And a business is definitely the same. You want to have a strategic plan. You wanna set up some goals so you can actually be utilizing all of the time you're putting into your business, into the right places. And the millionaire. Make yourself fill in coaching funnel. If you implement it from the bottom up, we'll tell you exactly what those next steps are. The millionaire maker self filling coaching funnel. I would love to know what you think about this. Again, if you go to the millionaire Maker show.com/insiders, we will send you a document that outlines the millionaire maker self filling coaching funnel as well as. The phases of business growth that we'll be talking about on episode two. These two together are ultimately the keys for setting your strategic sites on a coaching business that affords you more time, more money, more freedom, and more impact. So, Here's what's next. Next, we're gonna take a brief break and when we come back we had a few questions submitted by listeners already, people who are already in my coaching programs and in my communities. We reached out to see if they had any questions that we could answer here on the show, and so there will be couple of those coming up after the break. Are you ready to unlock the secrets to building a successful online coaching business? Become a millionaire maker. Show insider by heading over to the Millionaire maker show.com/insiders. By joining, you'll receive early access to each new episode so that you'll be the first to learn the latest tips and strategies from top. Industry experts, but that's not all. As an insider, you'll also gain access to exclusive bonus content and resources designed to help you implement the game-changing strategies discussed in the show. Imagine having the insider knowledge to attract high paying clients. Grow your online presence and take your coaching business to new heights. Secure your spot as an insider of The Millionaire Maker Show with Lindsay Anderson. Sign up now at the Millionaire Maker show.com/insiders. Your coaching business will never be the same again. Welcome back from that fantastic break on the Millionaire Maker Show, and now is one of my very favorite sessions, and I invite you to go to the Millionaire Maker show.com/questions and submit your very own question there if you would like me to answer it on the show. So our first question is coming hot at ya from Jim. He is a health and wellness coach and he asks, Hey Lindsay, how can I demonstrate the value of my health coaching to potential high ticket clients using social media? Well, lucky for Jim, have I got the most amazing answer in my pocket, and it's called the VMs model, that's v. E m s, and I'm gonna tell you exactly what that is. when you're showing up on social media, people don't buy from you or don't trust you on social media, or don't reach out to you on social media because you have the most awards and you're so awesome. They're actually gonna reach out to you on social media because you're displaying these four types of content. So V my Friends, is for vibe. When you're transformational coaching with people, how you interact, your teaching style, your energy levels, and how you actually teach is very important to people. So out on social media, you wanna make sure that you're infusing your content with authentic, relatable, and the human touch. You're including stories about how you. Struggled with the same problems that you help with, and you really wanna show a bit of a vulnerable side in how you've overcome many of your obstacles. This will really help people trust you even more and make your content that much more consumable. So that's the v. In the Vem S model, E is for experience. Everybody wants somebody who has experience, and the only way we can demonstrate to our clients that you have the experience to help them is through showcasing client stories and testimonials of past clients. Here's the facts. If people can see themselves in your client testimonial and stories, they will be even that much closer to enrolling in your coaching programs. The M in the VMs model is for methodology. Everybody likes a method. I want someone with a plan, somebody who can walk me through step by step, so it's essential. And it makes things so much easier. And if you're serving these cookie cutter clients anyway, you'll develop a methodology where you can get people from point A to point B. When you put that online and you let people know that you have a plan and a proven plan, and that when they're coaching with you, you're not just flying by the seat of your pants. It builds your credibility and authority and makes enrolling people into your online coaching programs that much easier. And finally, in the VMs model, you have S for skills. What are your coaching skills? What are your latest health and wellness research and trends? What have you tried? What do you know in this field? Sharing information. Helping people have small aha moments from your content will allow you to attract even more. Of those perfect clients on social media. So that's my answer for you there, Jim. You wanna go with thems? If your social media is not attracting the right customer, you wanna, first of all, make sure you know who your customer is and only be speaking to them, and then make sure that you're showing your vibe. Your methodology, your experience, and your skills. I think I got time for one more question here. Let's take Shannon. Shannon is a stress management coach, and she asks, Hey, Lindsay, how can I effectively use webinars to attract more high ticket clients to my stress management coaching services? well, well, well, I'm so excited that you asked this question Because I have a strategy that I call an invite only event. I cover this on my workshop called the Unlaunch Method, and I cover this in a lot of my content because it really is one of the most powerful ways to get people off of social media and into your coaching programs. And what does it look like? Invite only event is A webinar that is finally crafted and tuned to set you up as the ultimate expert and invites those participants, the ones that are your perfect client, to actually hop on a breakthrough or an enrollment call. Where then you'll gather information about them and prescribe the perfect coaching program for them. So is what I recommend. To answer your question straight on, I would create a webinar. I recommend my invite only strategy, you put that on your calendar. Every couple of weeks. And when you go to social media, when you find that perfect client and you find somebody that is a real person and not a bot, and somebody that you could actually help you reach out to them and you say, Hey, prospect, I wanted to let you know I have an upcoming masterclass called X. I have a few free tickets available. If you would like one, let me know. And you start. A conversation with this person on social media. It's a really big myth that you will be able to take all of these social media clients and they, without you ever talking to them, that they will actually know I can trust you and you can enroll them into your transformational coaching program. This won't work because you are up against one of the most formidable foes when it comes to people actually giving you money for coaching, and that is the ego. Unlike other products, Facebook ads or a t-shirt or whatever other products, the ego doesn't get involved. But when we want to go and help people transform, help them through stress, help them through leadership, help them get to the next place in their life, the ego does not want your coaching program. The ego does not want your. Prospect to sign up. And so as a coach, and I've tried it all of the ways through my 20 years, the very best way is to set up an enrollment call, interview your client. You, act like a doctor on this thing and you're taking down what is wrong with them, and then you prescribed to them a coaching program that would actually work for them. And when you have. An invite only event. This amazing webinar that you've crafted that sets you up as an expert that you can give anytime you have new people to invite, and the intimacy and removing technology and creating an intimate environment where you can gather a small group of people and teach them something amazing while building up your authority and expertise and then offering. A gift of some time with you has proven to be the very best, most effective way of getting people off of social media and into your coaching programs. So if you have a question, make sure that you head over to the Millionaire Maker show.com/questions. So let's finish this up here. Let's finish this up here, shall we? we're gonna put in the books. The very first episode of The Millionaire Maker showed a day on the show we covered. What the Millionaire Maker Show is and how it's really geared towards transforming your coaching business. We touched on the misconceptions surrounding why you shouldn't start with lead magnets and how to actually build a strong foundation for your coaching business where it will become its very own marketing and sales machine. I also shared a powerful client story About Peter who revolutionized his coaching business by using the Millionaire Maker Coaching Funnel and the one true client interview strategy, allowing him to create marketing and sales verbiage that will actually help him scale and find a bigger audience with ease. there you have it. As a reminder, if you wanna continue on this journey. To create a highly profitable coaching business. Make sure that you subscribe to this show so that you never miss an episode, and more importantly, to stay updated with the latest episodes, releases, exclusive resources, and the very first 100 people, the sign up will receive a special surprise. Make sure that you go to the millionaire maker show.com. Slash insiders, Next up, I wanna let you know about the next episode. In our next episode, I'll be diving deeper into the Millionaire Maker Funnel process by focusing on the critical business growth phases. If you're focusing on the wrong portion of your business, then you'll always feel like you have a hobby going here and not a real life business So next episode, make sure you go and listen to it, is all about these. Business growth phases. Until then, keep working towards your goals. And remember, the journey to a successful coaching business starts with a single step. And together we're gonna take that step on the Millionaire Maker Show. I'll see you next time.