In this episode, I talk with Matt Plumer, a dynamic financial coach dedicated to empowering real estate agents, entrepreneurs, and couples with effective wealth-building strategies. Matt’s expertise stems from his transformative journey, guiding him from adversity to a thriving coaching career.

He uses an authentic social media strategy as a way to gain high-quality followers and convert them into coaching clients.

An Authentic Social Media Strategy To Grow Your Coaching Business

Key Takeaways

Matt’s Transformation: Overcoming addiction and personal financial struggles laid the foundation for Matt’s coaching career. 

The Power of Honesty: Matt’s own counselor catalyzed his transformation by offering candid guidance, and shaping his coaching approach. 

Problem Identification: Cash flow challenges among real estate agents stem from irregular income and overspending. 

Coaching Resolution: Matt helps agents break free from selling for immediate needs, focusing on debt elimination and sustainable wealth creation. 

Remote Coaching Success: Transitioning online, Matt demonstrates how location independence can empower impactful conversations. 

Diversified Coaching Models: Matt’s coaching journey expands to include group coaching, bootcamps, masterminds, and transformative events.

Organic Marketing: Matt’s success story illustrates the power of consistent, authentic, and personal Facebook and Instagram posts.

Daily Content Challenge: Matt’s transformative journey involved posting on social media daily for a year, leading to significant engagement and business growth.

Leveraging Existing Content: Repurposing ideas from podcasts, books, and other sources with personal insights can lead to engaging social media content.

The Significance of Personal Touch: Adding genuine commentary, selfies, and anecdotes to existing content creates relatable and authentic posts.

Key Quotes

Resources Mentioned


Matt’s transformative journey from adversity to financial freedom serves as an inspiring blueprint for coaches looking to leverage their stories for successful coaching. 

Social media is a powerful place to create an intimate relationship with your ideal potential clients and in turn enroll them into your coaching programs.

Connect with Matt to explore his valuable coaching services and gain insights for personal and professional growth.