In this episode, I welcome special guest, Linda Cohen. We discuss the importance of incorporating kindness into company culture. We explore strategies and methods to elevate the workplace environment, overcome common obstacles in promoting kindness, and provide practical tips for leaders and managers to foster kindness.

Guest Introduction

Our guest is Linda Cohen, an expert on kindness in the workplace. With over a decade of experience working with companies to integrate kindness, Linda is a keynote speaker and consultant with a focus on company culture. She is also the author of books on kindness and gratitude.

The Power of Kindness in Business – Key Takeaways

Common Obstacles in Promoting Kindness

Key Strategies for Incorporating Kindness

Practical Tips

Key Quotes

Resources Mentioned


Emphasizing the journey over the destination in building a business centered on kindness, Linda Cohen offers consulting and keynote speaking services to promote kindness in the workplace. I invite listeners to connect with Linda for further insights and opportunities to incorporate kindness into their organizations.