As an expert business coach for coaches, welcome to this episode of The  Millionaire Maker Show. I’m Lindsey Anderson, and today, we’re joined by our special guest, Jon Loomer, a luminary in the world of Facebook Ads.

Our conversation provides a deep dive into the rich realm of Facebook Ads, a crucial element for any online coaching business. We tap into Jon’s wealth of knowledge and experience, amassed over a decade in the industry.

During this episode, we delve into Jon’s early career with the NBA, his transition to entrepreneurship, and his considerable achievements in the online business world – particularly relevant for anyone interested in scaling their business.

Prepare to gain insight into the pivotal role of clear values and a compelling “why” in the journey towards successful online entrepreneurship.

Who Is Jon Loomer

Meet Jon Loomer, a leading authority in the field of Facebook Ads. Jon’s impressive tenure with the NBA from 2005-2008 coincided with the nascent days of Facebook.

Intriguingly, his journey to entrepreneurship was triggered by multiple job layoffs, prompting a significant shift from a traditional career path. Jon has since built a thriving online empire centered on Facebook marketing and advanced advertising.

A key tenet of his entrepreneurial approach is his family-oriented values, which underscore the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance. This resonates strongly with my work as a transformational coach, where balance is often a central theme.

Key Takeaways 

Key Quotes 

Jon Loomer: “I never bought into the hustle culture with entrepreneurship… My focus was I had kids… I wanted to build a business around assuring that I could spend more time with them.”

Jon Loomer: “What is most important when life’s over, and you can’t take anything with you. For me, don’t listen to the noise… find what works for you, that’s my ultimate advice.”

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In Conclusion

Jon Loomer offers an insightful glimpse into the journey of entrepreneurship, from its spontaneous beginnings to considerable victories. As a transformational coach, I find his story particularly inspirational.

His story highlights the importance of clear values and a solid “why” in online business. It underscores the significance of maintaining a healthy balance between work and personal life.

Embrace your unique journey, identify your “why,” and create a fulfilling life, both professionally and personally. This is the true spirit of entrepreneurship that Jon Loomer, and I, Lindsey Anderson, your business coach for coaches, want you to understand.