In this episode, we dive into the importance of focusing on your audience in video marketing. We explore the critical role of storytelling and authenticity, discuss overcoming challenges as an entrepreneur, and how to transition from traditional marketing to a more human-centered approach.

Guest Introduction

Our special guest today is Jaya Rose, a Speaker and Video Marketing Coach for people who want to make a big impact with their work. Jaya helps clients fine-tune their message and get seen online as an expert with her signature Story-Based Brand Method.

Video Marketing Is Not About You: Key Takeaways

Personal Journey

Jaya was diagnosed with ADHD and possibly autism, which made conventional learning methods challenging. She found success through visual learning and hands-on experience. Entrepreneurship allowed her to leverage her unique abilities and strengths.

Professional Insights

Jaya is known for her video marketing expertise, focusing on storytelling and authenticity. She emphasizes the importance of personal experience in building a brand and advocates for longer, more flexible launch periods to avoid burnout.

Marketing and Sales Strategy

Jaya rejects traditional pushy marketing tactics in favor of a more human-centered approach. She advocates for longer launch periods to reduce stress and increase effectiveness and believes in integrating personal values and authenticity into business practices.

Video Marketing Tips

Jaya emphasizes the value of both short-form (TikTok) and long-form (YouTube, live video) content. She highlights the importance of storytelling and authentic engagement with your audience and suggests batching video content to ensure consistency and manage unexpected disruptions.

Key Quotes

Resources Mentioned


Align your business practices with your personal well-being and use video marketing to connect authentically with your audience. Prioritize human connection over rigid marketing structures and embrace your unique strengths and experiences to build a successful business.

Final Thoughts

Remember, success in video marketing and business comes from being genuine and putting people first—starting with yourself. Align your values with your business practices and connect with your audience on a human level to truly stand out.