Welcome to the Millionaire Maker Show! Today, I’m excited to welcome guest Dr. Kelly Henry who’s here to share profound insights into scaling and simplifying your business, with a special focus on the transformative 80/20 rule.

Guest Introduction:

Joining us is Dr. Kelly Henry, a retired chiropractor with a compelling journey. Having successfully built and sold two chiropractic practices in a fulfilling 20-year career, Dr. Kelly transitioned to become a seasoned business coach in 2018. He specializes in helping businesses scale and simplify, targeting those established for five years or more, earning between $500K to $2M annually, and equipped with 5 to 20 employees. Dr. Kelly is an expert in breaking through plateaus and streamlining operations.

Key Takeaways: Scaling And Simplifying Your Business

The 80/20 Rule:

Dr. Kelly underscores the importance of focusing on inputs and outputs to identify efforts that create the greatest impact. He advocates that 20% of efforts often yield 80% of outcomes, urging business owners to avoid wasting time on the remaining 80%.

Simplifying Your Business:

Emphasizing the 80/20 rule, Dr. Kelly aims to make businesses more simplistic. The goal is to take work off the business owner’s plate, freeing up valuable time for strategic growth.

Challenges of Being Busy:

Dr. Kelly challenges the common notion that being busy equates to productivity or success. He stresses the importance of intentionality and focusing on high-impact tasks.

Target Clientele:

With a specific focus, Dr. Kelly specializes in businesses established for five years or more, facing growth plateaus, and earning between $500K to $2M annually.

Coaching Process:

Dr. Kelly’s coaching involves tailored one-on-one programs spanning 3, 6, or 12 months. This includes four hour-long calls per month and 24/7 access via email or text.

Flexibility in Contracts:

Introducing a unique “handshake” contract, Dr. Kelly’s commitment shines through. Contracts are breakable if clients don’t see progress, a testament to his dedication to proving worth and ensuring client value.

Constant Growth Philosophy:

Describing coaching as a personal development tool, Dr. Kelly emphasizes the importance of staying “green and growing” to provide the best service.

Business Transition:

Having transitioned from chiropractic to coaching in 2018, Dr. Kelly draws inspiration from personal coaching experiences and a sincere desire to continue helping others.

Adaptability in Coaching Approach:

Over the years, Dr. Kelly has evolved his coaching philosophy, constantly refining and becoming more specific. His commitment to learning ensures he provides higher-level support.

Supporting Clients Through Challenges:

Acknowledging the “new level, new devil” concept, Dr. Kelly emphasizes the role of a coach in navigating evolving challenges, providing crucial support.

Personal Growth in Coaching Business:

Dr. Kelly views his coaching business as a tool for personal growth, recognizing the constant evolution and refinement of coaching abilities.

Contract Breakability:

He adopts a unique philosophy of coaching clients with breakable contracts, aligning with his commitment to value and client satisfaction.

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Dr. Kelly Henry’s journey from chiropractor to business coach stands as a testament to constant growth and adaptation. My coaching philosophy aligns with simplicity, the 80/20 rule, and breaking through growth plateaus. The Millionaire Maker Show extends gratitude to Dr. Kelly for sharing these valuable insights.