Today, in Episode 3 of our Scaling with Social Media series, we’re delving into a transformative topic – how to Design Your Scalable Content Machine. Get ready for insights that can reshape your coaching business.

Key Takeaways – Episode 3: Design Your Scalable Content Machine:

1. Foundation Setting:

If you’ve been following along, we’ve laid essential groundwork in previous episodes. From a foolproof business blueprint to mastering client attraction with the One True Client methodology – we’ve got the vital building blocks.

2. Constant Re-niching and Iterative Improvement:

Here’s the key insight – re-niching isn’t a one-time event. It’s an ongoing process of refining messaging, positioning, and targeting strategically. Think of it as continuous improvement for ongoing business growth.

3. One True Client Methodology:

Let’s revisit the powerhouse combo of niching, messaging, and positioning using the One True Client approach. This secret sauce applies to every social media platform, focusing on business fundamentals over quick fixes.

4. Scaling with Social Media: 

Today’s mission? Empowering you to design your scalable content machine that operates without burnout. We’re delving into strategic video creation, feedback analysis, and the magic of batching content for maximum efficiency.

5. Applications Open for Coaching:

Exciting coaching news! The Unlaunched Method Workshop is live – catch the replays at Ready to elevate your game? Applications are open to work directly with me and my team. Head to for all the juicy details.

6. Social Media Beliefs and Business Reflection:

Let’s talk mindset. Your business is, in many ways, a reflection of your beliefs about social media. It’s not just about tactics; it’s about cultivating a positive mindset and adopting a strategic approach. It can make all the difference in your social media journey.

7. The VEMS Model – Strategy for Social Media:

My VEMS Model is a strategic shift from influencer-style posting to business-oriented content. Quality over quantity – focus on attracting the right audience with valuable content.

8. Systems for Social Media Implementation:

Implementation is the linchpin, and that’s where a solid system comes in. Consider leveraging tools like to manage your social media tasks. Develop a system that encompasses planning, strategizing, and delegating repetitive tasks to your team.

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I’ve shared everything you need to design your scalable content machine. If you’re serious about taking your coaching business to new heights, check out the Unlaunch Method Workshop replays and consider applying to work directly with me.

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