In this episode, I had the pleasure of interviewing successful online coach Charyse Williams. Charyse specializes in transformational coaching for female clinicians aspiring to build their own coaching businesses. Throughout our conversation, she shares invaluable insights into her strategies for invite-only events, VIP days, and coaching program development. Tune in to this episode to gain inspiration and discover new techniques for scaling your online coaching business.

Guest Introduction

Joining me today is Charyse Williams, a thriving online coach who empowers female clinicians to establish their own coaching businesses in the holistic health space.

Charyse’s Background:

Transformational Coaching: Invite-Only Events

Charyse’s Insights on Transformational Coaching:

Charyse’s journey from nursing to entrepreneurship was a gradual and skillful transition, leveraging her experience in network marketing. Her personal health transformation led to the creation of a holistic health coaching business. Charyse discovered her passion for coaching and mentoring, aligning her skill set with her true calling.

Building a Coaching Business:

Charyse masterfully manages both her holistic health coaching business and her business coaching venture. She thrives on a three-day workweek, dedicating focused time to clients while maintaining a harmonious balance between work and personal life.

Invite-Only Events:

Throughout the discussion, Charyse illuminated her inspiring evolution from nursing to entrepreneurship. She outlined her innovative approach to what I call Invite-Only Events and how she utilizes these events in her business to attract coaching clients. The episode unveiled the connection between passion and skill in crafting exclusive events that foster connection and conversions.

VIP Days: 

Charyse and I also talked about the transformative power of VIP days and how this strategy offers the capacity to deliver profound results within a condensed timeframe. These events are another way to implement impactful coaching without exhaustive hours. Listen to the episode for more on this strategy.

Notable Quotes

Charyse: “I’ve known that I wanted to be a nurse since sixth grade. With my two businesses, I feel I have the best of both worlds.” 

Lindsey: “Coaching can be impactful without requiring a 40-hour workweek. The sweet spot is between 10 and 18 hours of client-facing time.”

Resources Mentioned


In this episode, Charyse Williams and I delved into her remarkable journey from nursing to entrepreneurship, highlighting her passion for transformational coaching tailored specifically for female clinicians. The success of Charyse’s dual businesses underscores the rewarding balance between pursuing one’s calling and effectively managing work.