Welcome back to The Millionaire Maker Show! Today, I’m thrilled to have Carla Titus, Founder and CEO of Wealth and Worth Within, joining us.

Guest Introduction

Meet Carla Titus, the financial genius and Founder of Wealth and Worth Within. With a focus on goal execution, financial direction, and profitability, Carla specializes in providing fractional CFO services tailored for online coaches and consulting businesses.

Key Takeaways

High Margins in Coaching / Consulting Businesses:

Expense Audit for Profitability:

Strategies for Profitable Marketing:

Data-Driven Approach:

Timing and Intimacy in Coaching Sales:

Client Expectations for Higher Priced Services:

Key Quotes

Resources Mentioned


Thanks to Carla for sharing invaluable insights on financial strategies tailored for online business owners. As you implement data-driven approaches, consider the transformative value you provide in your pricing structure.