The Sales Stool: The Three Pillars of Sales Success

There is an art to sales, there is a formula for getting the sales in your coaching and consulting business. If you do not do each part correctly then you are leaving money on the table. This is the reason for the Build and Monetize Podcast, to help fill in the gaps needed to get more sales and clients into your coaching and consulting businesses.

The Sales Stool / The Three Legs Spoiler Price is Not One:

In today’s episode of the Build and Monetize Podcast Lindsey discusses the signature Sales Stool. This is not a physical stool, but a metaphorical stool for selling your coaching and consulting business services. If one of these legs is not as tall as the other legs then you will not be successful. These three legs are always necessary no matter how you are making sales.

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • Price is not part of the sales stool, Lindsey does not discuss price, and does not include it in the sale stool. It is as difficult to get someone to pull their wallet out for $50 as it is for $2,000. It is much more important to have an offer that is targeted to an audience with a pain that you offer solves. If you do not create an offer that solves the pain of your audience then it is equally difficult to get someone to spend $50 as it is for them to spend $2,000. This is why the price is not part of the sale stool.
  • Audience – Find out how to niche down, and find your target audience. It is so important to niche down and find your targeted audience. Once you niche down and learn who your audience is, and what their pain is every part of your business becomes so much clearer. Your marketing, your content, your message all becomes so much clearer. You want to be able to know your audience, so you can help solve their pain.
  • Offer – What can you offer that will solve their pain? How does your audience want your help? What can you offer your targeted audience that will solve their pain? Your offer can be so many different things, you need to know what your audience needs from you. Your offer needs to meet their pain, and this will make sales come so much easier. Sales are so much easier when you craft an offer that will allow your audience to relieve their pain.
  • Pitch – Bridge selling, you’re going to sell the after (result). “Imagine a world where you are no longer struggling with …(pain point)” then you talk about how they’re going to get the result with your offer. You can mix up the before and after, but you want to make it clear that what you have to offer is the bridge to the solution to their pain. Once you have the audience down, your offer down, then the pitch is easy.

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