Title: Grow Your Coaching Business with Massive Imperfect Action

Perfectionism can kill your growth, but taking massive imperfect action will be the catalyst to your success.

We are always standing on the sidelines, waiting for the perfect time to act even though we have all the tools we already need to be successful. Standing still will not make you a successful coach or consultant. What will help you achieve success is taking imperfect action.

Taking Massive Imperfect Action

Why do we need imperfect actions to be our friend?

We are always afraid of putting ourselves out there because we are afraid to fail. As a coach, the fear of failure or the fear of imperfection cripples us. Everybody has experienced this – getting paralyzed by self-doubt, fear, anxiety, and overwhelm. These feelings will never disappear. Instead, what you need to do is understand these feelings and accept that you will never be ready.

In this episode of Build and Monetize podcast, Lindsey Anderson will help you to figure out how to take massive imperfect action instead of seeking for perfection. Her goal is to let you recognize that fear, push past it, take imperfect action, and achieve the success that you deserve. When you have harnessed this mindset, you can overcome your feelings of fear and doubt and set yourself on a path to success.

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • Ways to overcome your imperfections.
  • How to reflect on why you experience these perfectionist feelings.
  • The reasons why are you unwilling to allow something to be imperfect.
  • The secret on how to overcome your fear and build your self-confidence.
  • Why failing is necessary to be successful.

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