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There are plenty of reasons why you need to create Facebook Groups for your coaching business. It is a great way to gather like-minded people and build a community. There you can inspire your tribe and convert into paying clients. Lindsey will tell you why and how it can help you grow your coaching and consulting business.

Grow Your Coaching Business with Facebook Groups

In today’s episode of Build and Monetize Podcast, Lindsey will discuss how Facebook Groups can help grow your coaching business. She shares seven reasons why you need to start building a Facebook Group today.

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • Lindsey discusses why you need a Facebook Group and how it can help your coaching business.
  • Lindsey shares a simple yet effective formula in naming your Facebook Group to make it searchable and inviting.
  • Lindsey gives some tips on what to post in your Facebook Group to increase engagement and participation among your members.
  • Do you have a dying Facebook? Lindsey discusses how to keep your members engage in resuscitating that dying Facebook Group.

Let Lindsey help you build and monetize your business in 2020 by using Facebook Groups the right way, join the Master’s Program today! Check out the link below and let Lindsey and the Traffic and Leads Team help you.

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